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As specialists for electronics and IT, we support the leading innovators in the automotive industry at every link in their process chains. We give them the creative space they need to stay at the top of their game.

GIGABOX beo is a compact controller tailored especially for use in a range of current automotive bus systems.
GIGABOX flex-i is a compact hardware interface designed specifically for use in FlexRay communication.
GIGABOX gate is a versatile concept for the fast and economical implementation of prototype bespoke controller applications.
GIGATRONIK’s powerAIDER is the quick and simple solution for supplying automotive monitoring systems with secure power.

Master the challenges of the future – with us

Dedicated development partners are becoming increasingly relevant actors in the automotive sectors and its supplier industries. Current challenges like innovative drive concepts, car IT, and driver assistance systems create a new need for external know-how, and the work packages sourced from external specialists are getting more extensive and complex every day.

In order to live up to the high expectations in the automotive sector and to play a part in shaping the long-term future of automotive mobility, companies need experienced, reliable and, above all, uncompromisingly capable development partners.

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Die vom Bund geförderte Initiative EEBus vernetzt international führende Unternehmen und Akteure der Branchen Energie, Telekommunikations- und Elektronikwirtschaft, um eine zukunftsfähige Infrastruktur für smarte Netzwerke zu schaffen. GIGATRONIK treibt mit dem Beitritt zu EEBUS die Integration des...

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